Neo Insurance Solutions

Bridging the gap between customers and health insurance

Neo Insurance Solutions

Bridging the gap between customers and health insurance

Our mission is to provide a professional & honest approach to health care

Prepare for the unexpected. Bespoke options to make healthcare affordable and easier for individuals and families



Dental insurance and dental discount plans designed to make covering your dental care easy and affordable

Limited Medical

Limited benefit plans offer guaranteed acceptance for those that do not have adequate health insurance (applicable pre-existing condition limitations will apply). Plans offer fixed indemnity benefits that help pay costs fort covered services, provides expanded coverage that fills the gaps in traditional high deductible health plans

Short Term Medical

Short-Term Medical pays benefits akin to a major medical insurance plan, but for a predetermined amount of time. These inexpensive plans have a range of deductibles to fit your lifestyle needs and budget

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Plans

Helps offset high costs associated with cancer heart attack and stroke that aren’t covered by traditional insurance plans

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Covers one time fixed and tax-free cash benefit in the event of death, dismemberment or severe disability after an accident


Protects your income if you become temporarily or permanently unable to work


Affords you with cash benefits to help with medical expenses due to an accident or illness

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About Us

Neo Insurance Solutions, based in Miami, Florida is an insurance marketing agency with extensive experience in the market. We are a technology driven platform and distributor of customized health solutions for individuals and families.

We help create and develop insurance products through our extensive relationships with highly rated insurance companies and in turn provide access to these products through a distribution network of third-party licensed insurance agents. Our team is continually creating new products to extend our portfolio of agents and brokers – helping them distribute affordable options to more people.

Bridging the gap between customers and health insurance

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